Hey, hey: That is Too Hot To Hide

Great that you found us! In case you don’t know us yet: We are Too Hot To Hide and we make legwear. More precisely: Socks and tights that you need not hide.

Why do we do this? Well, we just didn’t want to go on buying the same brands that mum and grandma have worn for ages. And: We don’t like compromises. No runs, no centre seam, no gusset. Nothing that doesn’t look and feel 100% perfect.

Together with two innovative, family-owned business in Northern Italy we initally created the tights of our dreams. They have no annoying centre seams, no ugly gussets. Nothing itchy, wiggly, pokey. All our fine and knitted tights feel awesome, are super comfy and made of the finest materials (Lycra 3D, cashmere, viscose) to match your favourite outfits.

Talking of matching: For our tights, we developed an amazingly simple size system based on body height: You are up to 1.70 metres (5’6”)? Wear size one! You are taller than that? Wear size two! That’s super simple and it works perfectly up to size 16 (UK)/44 (F)/46 (I)/42 (D).

After the tights – we call them Hidies – we took care of socks and ankle socks. We didn’t want to create just another collection of printed cotton socks, however. After all, we are into pretty,  feminine, super fashionable pieces!

The socks – we call ’em Mini-Hidies – are very fine. Some are light as a feather made of tender 20 Denier material, some are made of thin and shimmering viscose. They are perfect for spring and summer and they match the coolest urban style – thanks to transparent details, flashy metallic elements, sporty stripes (Athleisure, darling!) or colored dots all over.

Just like our tights, all our socks are made by our favourite legwear pros in Mantua and Brescia. We visit these guys pretty often to refine our designs, to test the most innovative materials and to improve quality that extra little bit. When being with them we eat the most delicious pasta, have far too many espressi and much too little vino (we always go there by car 😉 ).

As we put all our heart and soul into our Hidies and Mini-Hidies we love them all. So much, that we give them very special names. Each style is named after a person that supported Too Hot To Hide in one way or another – be it as a photographer, a model or just as a very  good friend

Now one thing would make us super happy:
Now all we need for total happiness is – you. We hope you’ll love our Hidies and Mini-Hidies as much as we do. We want you to feel great when wearing our socks and tights. No, actually we want you to feel perfect! That’s what it’s all about.