Tights “Edgy Lena” Black


  • 20 den
  • No center seam nor gusset
  • Super soft and comfy
  • With mock fishnet

These 20 den tights are simply perfect for every outfit and occasion. The mock fishnet is super stylish. LENA sits perfectly around your hips all the time, the comfy waistband is made with a circular knitting technique and doesn’t roll. LENA is low-cut, leaving your belly button alone.


EDGY LENA originates from an innovative family business in the Upper Italian province of Mantua. Like all our tights, EDGY LENA doesn’t have a center seam nor gusset so nothing is itchy, wiggly and pokey.

By the way: We name all our products after people who in some way or another contribute to our label. EDGY LENA is named after our model from Berlin, who immediately fell in love with our mock net tights during the photo shoot. Red-haired and charismatic, Lena is a fascinating, edgy beauty – just like these tights.

Infos on size and fit

The perfect size depends on your body height: You are up to 1.70 meters (5’6”)? Wear size one! You are taller than that? Wear size two! That’s super simple and it works perfectly up to size 16 (UK)/44 (F)/46 (I)/42 (D).

Material and washing instructions

90% polyamide 10% elastane
30°C delicate cycle, don’t tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry-clean, do not bleach.